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Our fields of expertise

Since our mission is to design digital platforms, our privileged sector is the new information technologies, in particular applications portals (mobile or web app). The digital marketing remains a sector that we perfectly handle.

Conception d’expérience utilisateur

Before designing an application, it is important to identify the key values, business goals and technical challenges of the project.

Through meetings with our clients, a functionality analysis and a search work, we establish flows which will validate the concept in depth. Then, we realize a prototype with wireframes in order to optimize the user experience. Once the UX is satisfying, we start working on the User Interface Design.

  • Flow charts
  • Wireframing
  • UX Workshop
  • Prototype
  • Documentation
Conception d’interfaces graphiques

The base of our work! The user interface design is the step following UXdesign. It consists in colouring and stylising the wireframes.

The UX and UI designs are always interlinked : the experience is used as a foundation for the interface and the design of the interface always influences the experience. It is thanks to a work in iteration that we finally obtain the perfect combination of gratifying experience and elegant interface!

  • Designed Screens
  • Styles Frames
  • UI prototype
  • Iconography
Conception de sites web

Websites are an integral part of the digital world. They serve as modern application concepts for marketing and promotion. They are stable and are the key for support or helpdesk.

This is why we apply our UXdesign and UIdesign method to create a gratifying experience and an elegant and clear interface for your visitors.

  • Website screens
  • Navigation Map
  • UX E-Shop
  • Styles Sheets

* Please note que we don’t develop ourselves, but we work with talented partners and we take care of the management of your project from A to Z for a production launch in the best conditions possible.

“Design with the conviction that the visual aspect and the experience create a psychological impact
from the very first moment ! ”

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