Who are we ?

The Studio

Agraff Studios was founded by Apou Agraff, Belgian creator with 10-year experience in visual and digital communication. Our goal is to develop the UX&UI design activity and to put into place a team of passionate collaborators in order to overcome new challenges.

Work at the studio is based on simple principles: Analysis, Method, Style and Transparence. This cohesion enables us to perform our tasks and respect our engagements towards our clients.

Based on this philosophy, and aware that the digital world has taken a big place in our everyday life, in our friendships or at work, we declare that it is more than ever essential to set yourself visually apart.


La Mission

Our mission is to design digital platforms. We are convinced that from the very first moment, the visual aspect as well as the experience create a psychological impact.

Similarly as for the first impression during a client meeting, this visual interface is the unique emotional mark that will be left from the product on your clients.

Guided by this conviction, we will rely on our expertise for our clients.


“ Leave your digital mark.
Set yourself apart in this ultra-connected world. ”


What can we do for you ?